Mistress Kendra Knight

Public Relations Executive Roger Condrago, known in both New York and Hollywood as “The Great Image Maker” ran his hand through his thinning, but still dark brown hair, as, in his sparsely but expensively furnished Madison Avenue office, he struggled with what he felt was his own crumbling self image. He looked out at the lights of Manhattan twinkling below before turning once again to his computer screen and the picture and words of West Coast Dominatrix, Mistress Kendra. Her beautiful face appeared to be open and filled with light yet, at the same time, shrouded in darkness and mystery as her piercing eyes and wicked smile tugged at his very being.

Roger had seen a number of New York dominatrixes during the past year, but had frustrated himself and irritated most of them because he was never able to commit himself to fully submitting to their desires. One had sarcastically informed him that he must be looking for “some kind of cafeteria-style domination” that didn't exist. Although he wasn't quite sure what she had meant, he knew that he hadn't been able to bring the desire deep within him to totally surrender to a strong woman and dominatrix beyond being just an unrealized fantasy.

The fact that he didn't know why he couldn't make such a commitment when he knew that that was what he wanted to do plagued him.

Lately he had fantasized about being kidnapped by such a woman and, while totally in her power, forced to do whatever she wished. More and more he had been thinking that that might be the only way to reach what had become the most urgent goal of his 44-year-old life.

Then, while browsing the Internet, the picture of Mistress Kendra had appeared before him and he had read, “Tell me your fantasy. I will make it real as you enter my world. Your body, mind, and soul will become mine.”

After once again reading her words, Roger, as if seeking divine guidance, stared silently at Mistress Kendra's e-mail address for almost an hour.

Finally, he began to type in a message:

Mistress Kendra –
I live in New York and it has been my fantasy to be kidnapped and carried away by a strong and beautiful woman such as yourself and, for however long it pleased her, made to suffer for her pleasure and fulfill her every wish.
Roger Condrago

later, Roger received the following reply:

Roger –
If you are serious, immediately send a picture of yourself and a money order or certified check for $1,000.00 to P.O. Box 27350, San Francisco, California, and prepare to be at San Francisco International Airport two weeks from today at 3:00 pm. Additional expenses will be discussed after you arrive and are in my power.

Simultaneously elated and filled with fear as he read Mistress Kendra's e-mail reply. But, without hesitation he decided to follow her instructions.

Two weeks later he arrived at San Francisco International Airport and, standing amongst other deplaning passengers, glanced up at a clock, which told him that it was 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon and that he had two hours to wait. He had planned it that way in case his plane was late, but he was so nervous and filled with trepidation that he couldn't stand still and he couldn't sit down. So, he walked round and round the terminal as the two hours slowly passed. Finally, nearly exhausted, more from emotional stress than physical strain, he stood and stared out over the concourse and began to wonder if he was crazy to be there.

Suddenly, he felt a presence behind him, what felt like the end of a gun barrel in his back, and a woman's voice whispering in his ear, “Don't turn around. Just start walking. I will guide you.”

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