Mistress Kendra Knight

Because it involves the eating of the Mistress/Dominatrix's fecal matter, which I choose to call by the more common name of shit -- it has more impact -- total toilet slavery is, in my view, the most difficult achievement for the submissive, and the most rewarding for the Mistress/Dominatrix.
There are, of course, other forms of shit-play. Despite what might seem to be an emphasis on toilet slavery, I am into them all.

Face it! Whatever form of shit-play we are talking about, it is a very big taboo! It can also be a very erotic and sensuous taboo.

That, I suppose, is why I get a major "rush" when I find a submissive/slave who, whether to worship me as a Goddess, or have me humiliate him for being a worthless male, is willing to make my shit the center of his life as he strives to become my own very personal human toilet.

But, as I have indicated, there are many other variations of what is called "shit-play." They include shitting on the submissive's genitals and smearing it over his body, as well as having him eat it. I had one slave who was into having myself and another Mistress give ourselves enemas, and then simultaneously let it go all over him.

Before I go any farther, let me say that, for the purposes of this article, I discuss the use of male submissive/slaves because that is largely where my experience as a dominatrix lies, but there are certainly female submissives that engage in "shit-play as well. Indeed, shit play knows no male, female or sexual preference boundaries, and much of what I have discovered has a more universal application than might be apparent at first glance.

One of the first things I learned was that,despite what some might believe, the paramount factor in a submissive/slave's ability to cope with and welcome his Mistress's shit is psychological rather than physical.
If the submissive/slave does not have a mind-set that tells him that if he can, in some way, become engaged with her shit, and that he is fulfilling a mission-driven genuine need to either worship or be humiliated by a Goddess, the physical aspect will be too much for him, and his desire will not go much beyond the realm of fantasy.

Some submissives do crave submission involving shit because they see it as humiliation. As a professional dominatrix, I have no problem with, and often enjoy humiliating my submissives with my shit. However, personally, I prefer the submissive who views his involvement with my shit as a supreme act of Goddess worship. I find this to be tremendously erotic. I am always seeking submissive/slaves who not only fantasize about being a total toilet to a Goddess, but who, realistically, are willing and able to accomplish it.

The fantasy really is quite common.

The reality is rare.

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