Submissive/slaves, who desire to have me cover their bodies with my shit, or force them to do it themselves, are not all that difficult to find.
Submissive/slaves who not only have the desire, but also are able to eat the shit of a Goddess and understand what a sensual experience it can be, are more difficult to find.

Nevertheless, a submissive who does have that desire, deep within his soul, to serve his Mistress in this way can sometimes be trained to turn his mouth into her toilet bowl, with his own digestive system serving as the plumbing.

It is worth the effort.

The secret in training, and indeed maintaining an effective human toilet lies in facilitating rather than making more difficult his ingestion of his Goddess' wastes.

In simpler terms, as long as you know that he's doing his job as best he can, it doesn't help to make it more arduous than it already is.

This is true if you are just starting to train him by allowing him to do things like smelling your shit, licking your used toilet paper, or mixing candy in with small turd truffles to cut the taste as he tries to eat them.

It is also true if he is dedicated and/or experienced, and does his absolute best to eat each and every bit of shit you offer him as it departs your alimentary canal.

In saying this, I am assuming that the goal is to make him your efficient and total toilet rather than to just torment him.

Some of my own personal human toilets find it necessary to have it go straight down into their stomachs. Others will chew and savor it. Then, there are those who fight it all the way, but get it down. But, all of them, in one way or another eat, it.

The main thing is -- if he is willing, encourage him.
And, if he can do it - value him.

I should add that I have always been comfortable with the sight of my own shit. This is important for the Mistress/Dominatrix who wishes to play these games. She doesn't have to worry about anyone else's shit, but she does have to be comfortable with her own.

Having said all of this, I want to emphasize that for the Mistress, simply having the submissive/slave under her, not only drinking her piss but actually eating her shit, while knowing that he's grateful to her for allowing him to do so, is, for me, an ultimate power trip filled with eroticism which does not require the ruffles and flourishes of additional D&S pranks and procedures.

It is also important to understand that, from the submissive's standpoint, even though the shit may come from a Goddess he worships, shit is still shit and, just as she may have feelings of an ultimate power trip when he thanks her for allowing him to eat it, he, for his part, is showing his devotion to her in a unique and ultimate way.

I sincerely believe that the Mistress/dominatrix who has a human toilet under her, eating her shit, has reached a level of power in the D&S scene that few even aspire to. I can't think of a better way to demonstrate that than by printing the following excerpts from some of the poems one of my toilet slaves who I see on a regular basis has written for me after our sessions:

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