The writings of this poet/toilet of mine show, more than any other way I can think of, that it is possible through toilet slavery and shit-play to attain a rare new dimension hardly even imagined by most, a dimension that can be enormously erotic, stunningly sensual, and, above all, totally empowering for the Mistress/Dominatrix.

I interviewed several submissives who are toilet slaves for this chapter but feel that the following dialogue between myself and my poet/toilet is particularly useful, not only because he is articulate but because he had had some experience before becoming my own personal toilet. I will simply refer to him as Poet/Toilet.


Kendra: "How long have you been into having your mouth and digestive system serve the toilet needs and requirements of women, very much including eating their shit?"

Poet/Toilet: "I received training from an accomplished Mistress back in the early eighties. I was never able to eat her shit without mixing in a lot of candy, but she said that I was the only toilet slave in her experience who would actually eat it even though candy was necessary to weaken its taste. She had slaves that she would humiliate with
her shit by having them smear it on their genitals or other portions of their bodies, and she would also use her shit to do what she called 'artistic' things on their bodies. But, she said I was the only one who seriously attempted to eat it. She said that many men fantasized about doing it, but I was 'unique' (her word) because I actually did my best to get it down, even if it did take a lot of candy to weaken the taste. I briefly served other Mistresses in that way as well, but it always took a lot of candy mixed in to get through it. After that, I was pretty much away from the scene throughout the nineties and, indeed, until I became your personal toilet this year. My experience with you has been mind blowing because I have been actually able to eat your shit without mixing in candy or anything else Of course, that's a tribute to you, a Goddess that I have truly come to worship"

Kendra: "What do you think made you want to be a woman's toilet in the first place?"

Poet/Toilet: "I think I've always worshipped everything about women - everything -- and before it became a reality for me, I fantasized about serving as a Goddess' toilet, eating and drinking her shit and piss not only to worship her, but to, in a very real sense, become a part of her intimate bodily functions. The idea seemed almost spiritual to me."

Kendra: "Did you find the reality as well as the fantasy of eating a woman's shit spiritual?"

Poet/Toilet: "Mistress, the best way I can answer that is to say that when I eat your shit, it is most definitely spiritual. In fact, it is beyond spiritual."

Kendra: "That's nice. Do you like the taste of shit?"

Poet/Toilet: "No! I do not like the taste of shit, even though I feel privileged when you allow me to eat yours. I mean, shit is shit! The taste can be nauseous, awful, sickening, but when I'm eating the shit of a Goddess - you - something else happens. As I said, for me, it's spiritual, and, with you, the fact that I know I am not only worshipping, but pleasing and sometimes amusing you by eating your shit makes what could and should be repulsive absolutely beautiful."

Kendra: "Have you always seen your involvement with a Mistress's shit as worship, not humiliation?"

Poet/Toilet: "Oh, absolutely."

Kendra: "Have you ever, in fantasy or reality, felt humiliated, or desired to feel humiliated by having women shit on you? What I mean here is, have you ever felt, or wanted to feel, humiliated by having a woman just shit on your body as something dirty to humiliate you?"

Poet/Toilet: "No. Never."

Kendra: "Many men do, you know."

Poet/Toilet: "I know. They want to be covered with their Mistress's shit or have it rubbed into their genitals. Things like that. For some reason, I have always felt that men who desire that basically just don't like women because without admitting it to themselves they feel inferior to them. A mistress once told me that fear enters into it, too.

I never quite understood that form of what you call shit-play. I guess it's because I really do believe that a woman's shit should be eaten as a means of worship. Just spreading it around seems to me to be simply squandering a very precious part of a Goddess, a precious part of you, which should be savored, relished and consumed as an ultimate and spiritual way to worship a Goddess such as yourself ."

Kendra: "But, are you saying that some men desire women to humiliate them with their female shit because the men, even without knowing it, essentially feel inferior to women?"

Poet/Toilet: "From what I know, and have heard, I think that's true in many cases."

Kendra: "But, you eat my shit not because you feel inferior to me and want me to humiliate you, but because you worship me as a Goddess. Right?"

Poet/Toilet: "Well, I suppose, in some ways, I do feel inferior to you. I mean, you are the Goddess I truly worship. In that sense, of course I feel inferior to you. But it has nothing to do with humiliation. I strive to eat your shit only because I worship you, and in the hope that it gives you pleasure. Using it for anything else would, in my view, be truly a waste."

Kendra: "A waste of her wastes."

Poet/Toilet: "The shit of a Goddess such as yourself is not waste. It's a gourmet treasure."

Kendra: "I like that way of putting it, and I agree. But, let's get on with this. Many men, and women, too, enjoy shit-play that has little if anything to do with eating it, and mostly involves covering their bodies and rolling around in it. In Europe they even talk about shit-sex, which is mostly pretty messy from what I've seen. I, of course, prefer to deposit my shit in my own efficient little human toilets such as yourself. It just goes right down into your digestive system, which I regard as my personal plumbing system, and is not messy at all. However, many people do seem to enjoy just playing with and covering their bodies with shit. Particularly in Europe. Why do you think that is?"

Poet/Toilet: "I understand that just playing around with shit and covering each other with it has become popular in Europe with men and women. It is even considered a form of sex in some quarters. Shit-sex, as you said. Maybe it's just fun and games. But, it seems to me that humiliation must be in there somewhere. Although it may be for others, for me, shit is not sexy. I just find it to be tremendously erotic when I am taking it directly into my mouth from your lovely anal opening."

Kendra: "Still, just playing with shit seems to be more common than eating it as a way to worship a Goddess."

Poet/Toilet: "I know. All I can say is, particularly when it comes to your shit, I think it's too valuable a commodity not to be eaten."

Kendra: "I certainly have to agree with that."

That concludes my interview with my poet/toilet. I also did a brief interview with a Los Angeles toilet slave I use from time to time. For the purposes of this writing I will refer to him as L.A. Toilet.

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