Kendra: "How long have you been a toilet?"

L.A. Toilet: "I have served as a Mistress' toilet for over three years."

Kendra: "What made you want to be a women's toilet?"

L.A. Toilet: "I adore and worship women. The activities a lady performs in the privacy of her boudoir are most intimate, private, and personal. To be allowed to consume her brown and golden is an experience rich with her fragrances, flavors, and the vision of her most private parts - an act of complete devotion."

Kendra: "Do you like the taste?"

L.A. Toilet: "The taste of golden can be very rich and flavorful. If the woman is well hydrated it will be clear and without much flavor. If she drinks' sugar drinks' or it is early in the day (her morning pee) then the flavor will be rich and salty and a little bitter. I prefer the latter because I enjoy the flavor and the after taste that lingers, reminding me of the privilege she is allowing. Consuming her brown is a very intense experience. The taste is rich with a mineral and sulfur type flavor. The best is soft texture because it is easy to swallow. If she delivers her brown in small portions, it is easy to swallow and it heightens the experience of receiving it slowly and directly from her very special rosebud. If she grants the privilege of cleaning her afterwards it makes the moment completely worthwhile,

Kendra: "Do you see involvement with a Mistress's shit as worship or humiliation?"

L.A. Toilet: "It is absolutely a form of worship. I don't find it at all humiliating. To the contrary, I am proud of the devotion I am showing a Mistress and want her to know just how devoted I am. She can look into my eyes as she releases her golden or brown into my mouth and see the pleasure it brings."


I mentioned earlier that some toilet slaves will chew and savor my shit even though they may find it difficult. My poet/toilet is one of those. Others such as the L.A. toilet whose interview you have just read prefer to have it go straight down. However, it is interesting to note that both see it as a form of worship.

At this point I want to emphasize that I enjoy every aspect of the DS/SM scene.

I definitely do!

I am into it all!

Nevertheless, shit-play, particularly the sheer sensuality of training and using my own personal human toilets, stimulates and energizes me in a way that nothing else can.

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