During the course of looking into and researching this subject, I also interviewed a European dominatrix who is an expert on shit-play, which she prefers to call scat-play. In addition to being an accomplished dominatrix, she is a jazz singer who holds PhDs in psychology and biology and, because of the very public aspects of some portions of her life, for the purposes of this writing she prefers not to be identified. I will simply refer to her as Dr. Scat.


Kendra: "I, of course, know that shit is often called scat, but I was wondering why you prefer that way of describing it? I just feel that the word 'shit' has more impact!"

Dr. Scat: "In a way, I suppose it does. The word 'Scat' comes from the Greek word for excrement. But, there is a jazz singing style, which is my style, that is called scat because vocalists who sing that way are 'talking shit.' Don't laugh. It's true. But, in the context we are talking about here, scat generally refers to some form of sexual or D&S play involving scat or, if you prefer, shit. Either way is okay. I guess I just like scat because I'm a scat singer, and I like to have slaves eat my scat. But, my dear, you and I can surely talk shit. Anyway, I don't have to tell you that there's all kinds of shit-play. Some scat, or shit players are only into the visual - watching someone take a shit. Others only go for the smearing and rubbing and tossing it back and forth. There are, all sorts of ways to go about its. For me, like I said, it generally involves having one of my slaves eating my shit because I believe such an intimate act is a sort of sensual sacrament. Know what I mean? I really do get an erotic thrill out of that. Some people, of course, see anything close to eating shit as only part of, or simply the climax of a heavy BD/SM or humiliation scene. I think it's way more important than that. There are so many erotic- very erotic - symbols and metaphors I could use. But, I gather that you and I agree that the symbolism involved in having a submissive actually being grateful to you because you allow him (or her) to eat your shit says it all "

Kendra: "Sure. I can pretty much agree with you on that. Talk a little more about why you believe shit-play is erotic?"

Dr. Scat: "Well, most fetishes and kinks operate below the rational level - assuming there is a rational level - of our minds. To my way of thinking, that is why they can be so powerful. So, I'm not sure there really is a rational or simple answer to the question of why shit-play is erotic. You, like me, know that sometimes the erotic aspects - particularly when someone is eating your shit - can be overwhelming even if we're not altogether sure why. For many, the simple truth that shit is such an enormous taboo can be erotic. The exchange of power and complete submission that is often involved, the fact that shit comes from deep within us, the obvious association with the highly erogenous anal region, and, indeed, the very feel, if not the taste, of the stuff can all take one to heights of eroticism"

Kendra: "You mentioned the taste."

Dr. Scat: "Not too many can handle it."

Kendra: "What about the smell?"

Dr. Scat: "From my perspective, that's a different matter. Think about it .If shit didn't stink, it wouldn't be shit, would it? It's mostly mental, anyway. We've been brainwashed since childhood to believe that the smell of shit is a bad smell. So, of course we think it's a bad smell. Yet, a slave of mine says all she - a lovely woman - has to do is concentrate on the source of my shit and it smells good to her. She believes you can handle the smell by building up an association with something that is erotic, or something that just turns you on. The same principle could I suppose apply to the taste, but eating it can produce physical reactions in the eater that can be pretty hard to deal with."

Kendra: I find that very interesting. For some reason, I have always gotten something approaching erotic feelings from the feel and even the smell of my own shit. Not the shit of others. My own shit. I suppose that is one reason I am so comfortable with having my submissives eat and do other things with it."

Dr. Scat: "I can relate to that, although a lot of, if not most, dominatrixes probably don't."

Kendra: "Why do you think shit is brown?"

Dr. Scat: "If you mix up all the colors in your paint set, what color do you get?"

Kendra: "Is that a serious question?"

Dr. Scat: "Absolutely. If you do that, you get brown. And, just like mixing paint, if you mix up all your food and then oxidize it, you get the same color - brown! Of course, if some red pimentos or yellow corn kernels get mixed in you'll get a slightly different effect. And, you should watch out for black shit because that comes from internal bleeding. But, I've always thought a good, rich brown color, besides being the most normal, has the most erotic impact."

Kendra:" Fascinating. Do you really think very many people are into this?"

Dr. Scat:" It's certainly not the most common of fetishes or kinks. But, there's a lot more of it going on, in one form or another, than most people realize. Playing with shit has become really popular in Germany. Incidentally, I know that some people regard scat or shit-play as a 'gay thing' and there certainly are both gay men and Lesbians into it. But, I'm quite sure that the 'straight' people who get their kicks from it far outnumber the gays. The big thing to remember is that talk about shit is usually just that, talk, and more in the fantasy than the doing. "

Kendra: "Where've I heard that before? More in the fantasy than the doing. It's a recurrent theme. Anyway, my thanks to you. This has been most helpful."

Dr. Scat: It was my pleasure. Because of the public side of my life, I don't get too many opportunities to talk about this ultimate taboo, which is also an important part of my life. You and I are pretty much on the same page in all this. It's been fun."

Kendra: "It has been fun."


My interview with Dr. Scat not only provided me with new information, but also affirmed conclusions I had already arrived at. But, we are dealing with a subject here that has many facets and I cannot conclude this chapter without pointing out that there are possible health risks in what some call play, and others regard as very serious business.

Shit, normally, consists of 75 percent water, 12 plus percent dead bacteria, and 12 plus percent indigestible bits of food including fats, proteins, and dead cell debris. But, shit can also carry Hepatitis. So, I believe that it is mandatory that Mistress/Dominatrixes who indulge in shit-play, or train and use total toilet slaves, maintain good health, and that those they use as toilets have confidence in the fact that they do.

I, for one, am definitely careful about my health, and I can assure the reader that my submissive/slaves and toilets know that.

However, I do not believe that I am anywhere near taking this particular form of D&S as far as it, and I, can go. Indeed, I am right now looking at new frontiers in this area of a truly ultimate and erotically exciting taboo.

And, it is exciting!

Having men worship my shit, and having my own personal human toilets has, for me, become very special.

Why special, you ask?

My poet/toilet wrote the following words after seeing me just the other day:

"As I was leaving I didn't feel as if I was just kissing your ass,
It was more like I was sealing a compact with you, and, I do pray I may be of greater service to you drawing ever closer to your divine Goddess person, but, for today, I crave only the privilege of being your Toilet"

I do think that is special.

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